Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

The following information is copied from this page and may be out of date. Always check for the most up-to-date return policies.
Unwanted Items must be returned to within 15 days. Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges for returns/exchanges.A 6% finance fee will be charged for all refund amounts to compensate for our incurred bank expenses. If the box has been opened or damaged Gardener Direct reserves the right to issue a pro rated refund amount.If A restocking fee may also apply in some cases. Please call shipping department at 770 573 1778 for return information on any specific product.
CANCELLATIONS will do its best to honor cancellation requests as soon as possible but does reserve the right to bill charges it incurs according to the status of the order. If item has been billed then a fee of 6% of the refunded amount will be charged. Item has been shipped and billed. All shipping fees(to and from destination) and 6% of the refunded amount.
In cases of  manufacturer defect the manufacturers warranty policy that comes with the item or listed on that items product page will be the policy that applies to that product. .In cases where Gardener Direct submits the warranty claim to the manufacturer refunds and/or replacements will be issued when the manufacturer approves the submitted warranty paperwork.If there is no policy listed then check these policies listed by Manufacturer:
All damaged items must be reported to the shipping department 770 573 1778 within 48 hours of the delivery date. reserves the right to request that the item be returned before issuing a replacement. will not accept returns sent to physical mailing address. The item must be returned to the warehouse it was issued from. Please call Customer Service 770 573 1778 and a representative will confirm the correct return address.
If the Damage is a missing or broken part a replacement will be sent if possible. If no part is available a replacement product will  be sent.

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