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July 13, 2011


Show Off Your Flower Pics and Win Cash!
Uploading your plant pictures to Plant Files in


Got some nice plants and flowers growing in your yard? Well, now it’s time to take some pictures of them and upload them to a Plant File in where other members can view and rate them! Click here to learn how to upload a picture to a Gardenality Plant File.
What is a Gardenality Plant File? Click here to find out!




Win Cash!
Soon Gardenality will start a Best Picture Contest in which the owner of the highest rated picture each month will win a cash prize or gift certicate to!


So keep your camera handy and ready to get some pictures of your plants when they’re looking best or in peak bloom.




What if there is no Plant File for the picture I want to upload?
First, start by searching the Plant Files in Gardenality to find out whether or not the plant you have a picture for exists in the Plant Database. To do this, simply type in part of the common name of the plant in the search box in the header at the top of any page in Gardenality (shown in the picture below).

For example: If you are looking for a plant with the common name ‘Stella De Oro’ Daylily, just type “Stella” or “Daylily” in the search and then click on the green button with the magnifying glass. If you type ‘Stella’ you will be shown all plants with the word “Stella” in the name. If you type “Daylily” you will be shown all of the Daylily plants that exist in the Gardenality Plant Database.


If there is no Plant File in Gardenality that specifically matches the plant picture you want to upload click here to learn how to create a new Plant File in Gardenality.



How Do I Upload A Picture To A Plant File?
Uploading a picture of a plant to a Gardenality Plant File is pretty easy.


Step-By-Step Instructions:


1 – When at a Plant File in Gardenality, look for the link that says “View / Upload Pictures” as seen in picture to left. Click on this link to open the picture uploader.


2 – When at the picture uploader, put a check in the box beside “I have read and accept the above picture upload terms & conditions.”


3 – Then click on the grey “Choose File” button in the uploader to find the picture you want to upload that you have stored in a file on your computer. If you don’t know how to save and store a picture on your computer so you can upload it, ask your kids or grandkids.


4 – After choosing the picture you want to upload from your computer, click on the green Upload Picture button.


5 – After clicking on the Upload Picture button the crop tool will open. For best clarity, upload pictures that are 800 pixels x 500 pixels or larger. If your picture is larger than 800p x 500p, you can slide the crop tool up and down to crop your picture by holding down the left click on your mouse and dragging the crop box up or down. After cropping, click on the green Crop Picture button.


6 – The next step is optional but allows you to add a caption or description. The caption will show up on your picture. The description will show up underneath the picture. Click on the green Save Picture button and your done!


Picture Tips:


– When taking pictures of plants to upload to the internet, it is best to capture the plant or flower in the center of the picture.


– You can upload any size picture to Gardenality, preferably full-size pictures. If you know how, use a photo editor to pre-crop and size pictures to 800p x 500p before uploading. This will speed up the upload process.