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Canna Lily ‘Australia’

July 18, 2011

Canna generalis ‘Australia’ Patent: PP# 21391

USDA Zones: 8-11
Size: 5-6′ H x 1-2′ W
Light: Full Sun to Half-Day Sun
Bloom Color: Orange-Red
Bloom Time: Summer and Fall
Foliage Color: Deep Maroon/Burgundy

We’ve grown a lot of purple-foliaged cannas over the years, but nothing like this. The deep burgundy-black foliage of ‘Australia’ is the darkest and most exotic we’ve ever seen. To top things off a magnificent display of shocking orange-red flowers rise above the 4-5′ foliage….a true stunner and hummingbord magnet!

The large lustrous leaves have a satin-like sheen and the intense deep color holds superbly during the summer heat, making it a wonderfully flamboyant and tropical addition to any garden. Plant it in garden beds or as a centerpiece in container gardens.

Foliage –
Large leaves with the deepest burgundy foliage color of any canna.

Flowers – We’ve seen many websites on the internet that say the flowers of Australia are red, but the one’s in our garden are more of an intense orange-red.

Pests and Diseases – No problems with pest’s or disease have been observed so far. We haven’t seen any problem with leaf rollers on this variety of canna.

Companions – The deep burgundy foliage of this canna combines with almost too many plants to name. Almost any other color or texture goes with it.

Wilson Bros. Performance Rating: 9 out of 10

We give it a 9 because, as with other plants we don’t have long term experience with, we just can’t say how hardy it is in our zone. We’ve planted some in our trial gardens and will be sure to let you know next year if it survived the winter here in Zone 8a. Otherwise, based on color and single-season performance alone, we’d give it a WHOPPING 10! Even if this plant doesn’t come back in your hardiness zone, it’s well worth using as an annual for tropical effect in garden beds or container gardens.


Use Australia Canna anywhere in the sunny to partially shaded landscape where you want an outstanding tropical effect. Makes a great background and adds bold texture in annual flower beds or perennial gardens. Also useful as a centerpiece in large container gardens. Great around swimming pools, ponds or other bodies of water.

General Culture

As with other cannas, Australia prefers soil that stays consistently damp or moist. It’s not too fussy about soil type or pH.

Other Tips

Canna lilies, like many other lilies, will multiply every year to form a patch. They can be divided every few years and transplanted to other areas in the landscape or garden.

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