Dying Vegetable Plants

Not sure if this can be considered a tip, but we’ve been hearing from quite a few folks that are having trouble with some of the plants in their vegetable gardens suddenly wilting, then turning black and dying. We’re not really sure what’s causing this problem because in most of the cases there are no bugs present doing the damage and folks are insisting they’re not over watering.


But, that being said, we think it might be over watering. Not that if you’re having this problem it’s you who’s doing the over watering, it might be Mother Nature doing it? We’ve had quite a bit of rain this summer, enough to keep soil in some gardens saturated for prolonged periods of time. This can cause root-rot problems underground that eventually show up above ground. This is what we think the problem is.


Then again, it could be some kind of blight? We’re just not sure. If anybody is aware of a blight, do let us know and we’ll post the information in next weeks newsletter.


What we do know is that in our own home vegetable gardens, this problem is not occuring. Our gardens are raised bed gardens in which the plants are growing in humus-rich, but well-drained soil. Many of the reports coming in about the dying plants are from those who are growing vegetables in a non-raised bed “conventional garden.”


So, we think the problem has to do with soil drainage. Even if it’s a blight, the blight was brought on by over-saturated soil. But we could be wrong. Let us know if you think we are and tell us what you think here.


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